Living Digitally: Foto Friday Recommitment

Written by Chris Gatcum [DK 2013US]
Written by Chris Gatcum
[DK 2013US]

The whole point of Foto Friday was technique over content [Texture]. I’m already all about content. I infinitely prefer a plot-driven book with a simple style to an ornate literary work that goes nowhere. Hence, plot – i.e. content – is not the problem with my photos. Style – i.e. technique – is. Even the occasional artsy photo [Trees & Water, Pollen] is more clever than crisp.

I want both.

The plan. I bought a book on photograph. I will read through it, working on the exercises as I go. The goal is to understand the bells & whistles well enough to take my camera off A. I have no attachment to this book specifically, aside from the usual lovely DK graphics. It was simply the first one I found after making the resolution. I’m sure there is adequate information online. I most likely have enough photo books at home. However, there is nothing like a new book to start a new project.

I also don’t need a plan, or exercises, or anything other than a camera to click. As with writing & riding, the only way to get better is to do it: butt in chair, feet in stirrups, hands on camera. This was not happening. So, book is my structure. Fridays are my public deadline. You get to suffer share along with my progress.

This week, Chapter 1: Equipment. Lesson learned: whether standing, crouching, or lying down, have elbows &/or knees supported to create a stable platform. pp28-31.
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