Living Digitally: RibbonFest Invitation

Update: Offer rescinded. I have lost interest in wrangling other people’s photos. Feel free to blog hop. LMK, I will post a link here.

Send me your ribbons!

I mean pictures thereof. Please. Over at Tails From Provence: Le Stressage (waves hi!), there is a picture of a French ribbon and plaque. The fourth place ribbon is a beautiful, dark red. A nice change from the anemic white that I am used to for fourth. I wanna see more. What colors do other countries use? What shapes? What lettering? Please send photos to

Since I know what US ribbons look like, this invitation is primarily aimed at non-US readers. American readers are invited to send pictures of visually arresting specimens. For example, an Appaloosa show with spotted streamers or the St. Louis multi-medallioned championship neck ribbon. If I get enough pictures, I will create a post &/or start a page. Anyone wanna play? Canada, I’m looking at you.

I’ll start. While saddle seat has a tradition of massively amazing ribbons, see below, my single most impressive ribbon is from a sidesaddle show. Granted, the National Academy ribbon is longer, with tassel, but this one has four colors, one of them blue, or what used to be blue.

ribbon Hi-Horse

Place: Grand Champion
Class/Division: Hi Point Rider
Show: All Side-Saddle Show
Horse: Just George
Rider: Kathy Tuttle
Date: Spring 1986
Place: Hi-Horse Farm, Maryland USA
Comments: Came with a 1’x2′ cheesy silverplate tray of which I am inordinately fond.
Photo Credit: Katherine Walcott

Ribbon pictures previously posted.
(Yes, I am 12 years old. Your point?)

Photo credits: Julie Wamble, Kathie Maunter, Faith Pack

All but the first photo are saddle seat ribbons. The dual champions pic is from 2014. The rest are ribbons from 2013 shows, all but the tri-toned 6th & 8th are mine. Yes, I enjoyed the year heartily.

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4 thoughts on “Living Digitally: RibbonFest Invitation

  1. –Waves back–
    France is DIFFERENT with ribbons to all other countries as far as I can make out. All the ribbons given out at a show are the same colour, so that burgundy/white rosette was given out to everyone who placed at that show. In fact I think that that particular venue, Ecuries de Mane, always uses those colours.
    When I first saw this uniformity of ribbon colours last year, I thought it was just for lower level club competitions, but no! Alexandrine went to a big dressage show in Vidauban and came back with a gorgeous multi-colour ribbon which was the colour-theme for that particular show!
    At a national level, they are pretty stingy with their ribbons (rosettes in English English!) and although she placed 5th & 6th in two national championships, she came home with nothing to show for it.

  2. Oops I have more to add… although someone else will probably tell you all about British colours too. In Ireland & the UK, it goes
    Red – 1st
    Blue – 2nd
    Yellow – 3rd
    The rest can be changeable, but in Ireland it mostly seems to be
    Green – 4th
    Orange – 5th
    Purple – 6th
    White is given out as a participation award, normally to little kids. A sort of “Well done for turning up today” award.

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