Off Topic: Foto Freebie

Since the designer is giving away the image for free, I have assumed that he will not mind my snurching it in order to show you what is available for download from Pixtus. On the page, scroll down for low & hi res.

The Photography Cheat Sheet

If you know these already, I envy you. My amazing in-house IT department printed & laminated a color copy for me. I’m hoping this will help me finally get my camera off the automatic setting this year.

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  1. I got lucky long ago. My first camera was a hand-me-down from my Father, from his professional-photographer days. A 1945 Leica with absolutely nothing automatic. Learned about focus, focal points, light meters and light settings that way. It makes for a much more professional-looking photo. Nowadays, though, I prefer my point-and-shoot digital camera, or my nice phone (which takes better pictures than the camera does!).

    • I, too, learned to take photographs on an old (1950s) Kodak camera with nothing automatic.I then got a 198something Minolta 35mm SLR. It had a few flourishes, but not much, and i frequently ignored what the camera suggested. I still use it sometimes, but mostly use a Nikon point and shoot digital. The camera on my phone isn’t that great.

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