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Little progress lately [Energy Shortage]; lots of planning. Mainly for Greg’s driving career. My riding career remains the same mix of ultra specific and maddeningly vague, i.e. win the  American Eventing Championships eventually [AEC], have no clue what to do with myself this year.

Driving is big in the Saddlebred world. Many horses ride and drive. Many trainers start their horses with a cart before introducing the saddle. Even if Greg has no interest in Fine Harness – so not him – we can both learn a great deal about driving from the Saddlebred folks.

I suspect we will be able to talk him into the little, local shows, particularly the home shows [SSF], if there is a cart for him to occupy. Although he has driven in a big show [Photos], he’s not overly interested in doing more of them. He says he would rather spend his time and money on lessons. He doesn’t want to show just for the sake of showing. Heathen.

Combined Driving
We have found a Combined Driving guru. [See Clinic Report for my explanation of CD]. Kate Bushman of Whip Hand Farm, Franklin, TN, has agreed to help us navigate (Ha, see what I did there? A Combined Driving pun) the specifics of the sport: how to drive a dressage test, how to steer around the cones, which cart, what harness, how to transport the whole shebang, and so on.

“I’m excited for you – folks who come to driving after a lot of horse experience in other disciplines (and especially couples) usually get completely hooked.  I hope I can get you ‘into’ it, too!”



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  1. I’m going to risk showing my age here, but I know a lot of people who’ve spent decades riding and have made the change to driving in later years …. and LOVE it. I say whatever blows your hair back as long as it keeps you moving forward!

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