Energy Shortage

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The boys did nothing much last week. I had barely enough enthusiasm to run a brush over them and pick out their feet. Some days not even that. I hated myself for it, but couldn’t find the motivation.

At the time, I figured I was recuperating from being shaken up [Gratitude]. That was part of it. A greater part was the fact that I eat for shit when my chef is away. Without someone putting food in front of me, I forget to eat. No calories = no energy. Duh.

High maintenance and a hard keeper. Is it any wonder I am drawn to Thoroughbreds?

Gratuitous Books

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If you are here for the horses, move along, nothing to see here. If you are here for the Touch of Geek, continue.

While I was sitting about last week, I treated myself to a Kindle-fest. I have long been a fan of the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. Also, of note are the audio versions read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

Feeling pitiful, I splurged on the companion comic/graphic novel series Rivers of London: Body Work. The color is glorious. The drawing superb. The plotlines rely on wit rather than violent punching scenes. The female characters are good-looking (as are the male) but they are human-shaped & adequately covered. (For a fascinating take on the female form in cover art, and by extension in comics, see the Cover Posing series by Jim Hines.)

In his blog, Aaronvitch mentions¬†The Chronicles of St Mary’s series by¬†Jodi Taylor. I downloaded the free sample. We have a winner! The only thing better than find a good book to read is finding a good book to read that is the first in a series of six, with a seventh coming out in May.

These are not deep literature. I don’t read deep. They are amusingly clever. Something the Brits do well. Both books are in the urban fantasy genre, i.e. magic is alive & well and living among us. Rivers is also crime drama; St. Mary’s is historical time travel.

If you have not read these, enjoy. If you have, what can you recommend for me?

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