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A digital poster displaying helmet facts and myths: the advisability of replacing a older helmet, the inadvisability of using a bicycle helmet, and so on. The above is a smaller, low resolution image to let you know this exists.

For a full-scale, high-res, printable PDF of your own, please “order” from Horse Hollow Press. Click on FREE pdf of the Helmet Safety Poster. At check-out, click on “in person pick up” and they will email the PDF. Or email a request to Put Poster in the subject line. The poster is set up for 12×18 or 11×17 by a commerical printer, but can printed as 8 1/2 x 11 hand-outs on a personal printer.

Recommended for handing out to new clientèle at boarding barns, for boarding barns to educate customers, for retailers, and for passing along to non-helmet wearing friends.

Blogging-assist credit to June Evers of Horse Hollow Press posting on the Facebook group Ingenious Horse Care Tips from Seasoned Horse People, 16 Feb 2020.

Previous Helmet Advocacy Posts [Archive]. Looks like it’s been a while. I guess I ran out of ways to say ‘Your head is valuable. Please wear a helmet.’

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