An Alternate Explanation


Lucky enough to have a horse.


Blurry photo. You get the idea.

Looks like the recent bout of lameness was due to an abscess rather than a strain to his fetlock [Milton Behind Bars]. We are still holding to the frolic in the mud theory. 1) He came up lame right after it rained. 2) It was not long enough nor severe enough to have been caused by something working its way up from the bottom of the foot.

We posit a kick to a bruise to an abscess. The blowout is directly below the area that was warm, thereby explaining the heat and mild swelling. We’ll never know. The best we can hope for is a plausible story.

His fetlock is cold and tight. He is sound when working at the walk and when galloping in for breakfast. He takes a few slightly bad steps if asked to work at a trot. Now we keep the foot clean and wait for the gnarly mess to grow out.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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