Milton Behind Bars


Lucky enough to have a horse.


For the second time this month, Milton has come up mildly lame after a rainstorm [Moments]. We think he is frolicking foolishly. Last time, the tweak was high up in the hind end. This time, there was a small warm patch on the inside of a hind fetlock. As a repeat offender, Milton was sentence to stall rest.

He was not pleased.

Since Milton’s driver was WFH at the barn [Silver Linings], he was on hand to dispense snacks, take Milton for walkies, and monitor how upset Milton actually got when Rodney wandered off to graze. Answer, not much. One loud bellow – I could hear it in the house – less with the frantic pacing.

Grumpy photo aside, Milton was overall pretty good about being up. His leg never ballooned up, either from the injury or from standing around. He took his meds as required, and got good reports from his handwalks. Mostly.

He is now sound & back out. He’ll probably get a few more days off. Maybe the rest of the week. No reason to press. Not in any hurry. It’s not as if anyone is going anywhere, anytime soon.

Next time it rains, we are considering putting Milton up on blocks.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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