From the Department of Silver Linings, Milton’s fly mask


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Greg is working from home. To give himself a place to concentrate, he has set up a desk in the barn. The horses have been hanging out in the barn with him in hopes of cookies. They have not been disappointed.

In between the cookiefests, there has been fly stomping. Spring is here. So are the flies. C’est normal. I might have fly sprayed their legs for some relief. However, he had just read $900 Facebook Pony‘s adventures with fly boots: Worst. Gift giver. EVER., When in doubt – duct tape.

Why not give it a try? He used our shipping boots. Milton went to sleep. We added a fly bonnet with ears. Milton was zonked.

Well, duh.

If you don’t like to be touched, flies would drive you mad. We will be using the fly mask on the regular, looking into fly boots, and possibly springing for a fly sheet.

If Greg hadn’t been sitting in the barn for hours on end, listening to them stomp, I don’t know that we would have been driven to try this.

Sorry, Dude.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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