Stay Home, Show Your Horse

Training Journal

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

Virtual Shows
Ceremonial cabooose covering. This list is strictly the result of an Internet hunter-gatherer adventure. I know nothing of these groups other than what is stated on their sites. As with any Internet transaction, do your research, decide for yourself, be wary of scams and of folks who overextend with the best of intentions, etc, etc. Listed in the order I came upon them.

Virtual Obstacle Shows. “Anyone can compete. Almost any facility is suitable and obstacles can be made with items around your barn or picked up from local lumber stores.” About. Video.

Virtual Horse Show on Facebook. By Misfit Toys Rescue Division, Inc.. For ASB and related disciplines. Video. My nomination for Best Logo.

The Carolinas Equestrian Virtual Horse Show. Hunters. Video.

Online dressage. Video your test. Submit. Collect comments & ribbons.
Dressage Show Online
Better Dressage Scores
E-Riders Online Dressage
Dressage Anywhere
North American Western Dressage

Have you ever competed in a virtual horse show? Tell us about it. Better yet, would you consider writing a write a guest post? (Smiles winningly.)

Half and Half
Horseless if you have suitable photo(s) on hand; otherwise, back to needing access to your horse.

Online Horse Showing Breeding & riding classes. Pet classes. UK. Pretty ribbons.

British Driving Society. “Starting tomorrow and every Friday thereafter, we will be running photo competitions with some beautiful rosettes on offer.” Facebook post. UK.

Farnam and State Line Tack have both mentioned virtual shows on their Facebook feeds.

Horseless Horse Shows
I tried to find horseless options, with less success. People must be doing things. More a failure of my GoogleFu. Do you know of any I have missed?

My local hunter/jumper association is running trivia contests for swag: ID that horse/rider, do you know your rules, and spot the difference in two photos. Looks like the latter contest was done by editing elements out of a photo. Reasonably simple for someone who understands Photoshop, I would assume.

There is the model customizing contest I mentioned on Saturday, Circle C Artist Challenge Contest! [Let It Go], I suspect they will have more contest as/if time warrants. They seem to be a creative crowd.

Then there is the photo-showing subcategory of the model horse hobby. The Model Equine Photo Showers Association. Interested but never had time for it? Guess what. Lots of different avenues. Lots of advice online.

I’ll make you a deal. If you want to get into photo showing, but don’t have a subject, I’ll send you one of my extra Breyer models. Offer good while supplies last & as long as going to the Post Office is feasible. Oh, and US addresses, unless you want to pay shipping, at which point you might as well buy your own. If you want a model, you have to promise to read this first, Desktop Stables: How I Photograph My Models – Revisited. So you know what you are getting into, if you want to be competitive.

Don’t see one you like online? Start your own.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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