Horse Tooth At The Mississippi Museum Of Natural Science, Jackson MS

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I had a more relevant post planned, but my brain is mush. Here’s one from the reserve pile. Catch you tomorrow. Vicarious travel for the win.

For my mother and other concerned individuals. I’m fine. Brain fade due to a rainy day today and an 8.4 mile bike ride yesterday, on top of, well, everything.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

Update. We live way out in the country. Biking is one guy on a tractor away from social isolation.

Camera shadow for scale.

Mississippi Museum Of Natural Science, Jackson MS

The museum has a nature trail that winds past swamps in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park

…. and heads out to the Pearl River.

“The City of Jackson was originally known as “LeFleur’s Bluff.” MDWFP. All photos taken March 2019.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Horse Tooth At The Mississippi Museum Of Natural Science, Jackson MS

  1. Thank you, I really enjoyed this.
    Sometimes I feel I should be carrying a yardstick around, too many people here.
    Hope your Mom is OK. Glad you and Greg are. I’ve rather selfishly been concentrating on myself and my higher risk category, when there are so many other people I should be concerned with.

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