The State You’re In, February Contest Entries

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For your amusement. A modified, model horse customizing contest for you to enter or to admire the wit and creativity of those who do. Circle C Artist Challenge Contest! Facebook Group

“Now, with all the self quarantines, school closings and general TP insanity WHO WANTS A NEW CONTEST RIGHT NOW??” Post

“First is PAINT YOUR FAVORITE MICROBE!! Inspired by everyones new rule maker COVID 19, you can choose a healthy or dangerous microbe … Two categories, one is repaint only and one is CMd.” Post

“Kids Kontest!
Older kids : make opposites. In Out. Up and down. Happy and Sad… illustrate both!
Younger kids: pick one of these and draw for us what makes you have this feeling, and also draw yourself with this feeling! Happy. Excited. Cuddly. Smiley. Glad. Joyous.” Post. Above posts, Beth Patterson, admin, March 14 2020.

Scroll down to see Karinny Hullathi’s Disco Fever and Saturday Night Fever models. Post


#GWstorieseverywhere – The State You’re In
Entry 1

We started as steam. Hot, expanding, turbulent.
We continued as water. Cool, flowing, pervasive.
We ended as ice. Cold, hard, shattered.
#GWstorieseverywhere #thestateyourein

Entry 2

How fast you can go depends on the state you’re in. This is true of both sex and roadtrips. #GWstorieseverywhere #thestateyourein

Entry 3

Given the state I was in, no taxi would ever stop for me. On the subway, no one even looked twice. #GWstorieseverywhere. #thestateyourein

Process Notes
To keep the entries straight, I appended the monthly prompt as a one-word hashtag.

I self-imposed a limit of 24 words, one less than the 25-word requirement. My system said “you’re” was one word. Online counters said it was two. Better safe than sorry.

Entry #1 got three likes; #2, one.

“Each month we invite you to post a story on Twitter.” #GWSE
Winner. 2020 winners not posted. I assume this will be updated at some point.
Gotham Writers

Mistakes Were Made
“I took the road less traveled. Turned out there was a reason no one went that way.”

“The year 2020 reminds us of the phrase: Hindsight is 20/20. So we invite you to look back on your life and tell us about something that, in hindsight, you would have done differently.” Mistakes Were Made
Requirements: 20 words
Gotham Writers
Entered. From the absence of notification by the deadline, I assume I was not the winner. The contest no longer appears on contest page of website. That too will probably be updated at some point.

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