Ulcer Meds For Lameness, aka My Horse Is Weird


We cleared up Rodney’s lingering lameness with a dose of UlcerGard(R).

Progression of symptoms and treatment:
Tweaked right front [Woe Is I]. Three days of Bute. No major change.

Cleared up.

May have tweaked left front [Noshow Number Two]. No Bute.

Abscess [ibid].

Abscess went away with soaking/wrapping [Treatment]. Kept up two nights.

Then we went into a period of is he?/isn’t he? He was sound at a trot and canter. On a circle, he’d take the very occasion odd step. We couldn’t pinpoint anything, just that he wasn’t mover that he usually is. He was spookier than usual. That could have been explained by all the time off he’d had lately. He reverted to being pushy [Evil Twin]. Well, maybe that’s him.

Finally, by genius in-house diagnostician said, Give him a dose of UlcerGard. Yup, that was it. One dose and his attitude and movement cleared up immediately. Rodney may be a cupcake, but he’s not a complicated cupcake. We gave two more doses over the next two days, to be sure. Three is a nice round number.

This could have gone back as far as the first tweak. His “lameness” for the second show may have been lingering tummyache from the first lameness. Possibly from the meds. Equally possibly from the life disruption of having a stomachache.

Does this make sense in general? It’s not as crazy an idea as it sounds at first. When my stomach hurts, I’m not bounding around the house in gazelle-like fashion. I’m creeping about with my hand over my stomach, taking dinky steps to avoid any jostling.

Does this make sense for this horse? Undoubtedly. He was on ulcer meds for years [Zeno]. We keep tubes of UlcerGard on hand. His stomach is a known issue. We just had to stop looking at his feet.

That was our November. How was yours?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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