Poop, Glorious Poop


Lucky enough to have a horse.



One night last week, Rodney had a short bout of feeling punk. It presented as a low fever and a leisurely approach to dinner.

Since lack of interest in food was involved, we immediately hit the colic panic button. Confirmation call to the vet. Shot of Banamine. Heave him into a bare stall with buckets of water.

He felt better immediately. If placebos worked on horses, they would work on Rodney. I swear he started to feel better as soon as he realized we were taking action.

Unfortunately for him, once you get the colic protocol rolling, you have to see it through to the end. So he had a long night in an empty stall with no food. As soon as he produced a pile, he got a small snack.

He’s fine. Either the world’s mildest colic (yay!) or a small bug.

The only upshot is a training one. This was last Wednesday evening. On Tuesday, the day before, we had a brilliant ride. He was quiet, calm, and relaxed. We walked, trotted, and even cantered on the buckle! At least, I hope it was a brilliant ride, not him coming down with something. It didn’t feel that way. Time will tell.

For your amusement, The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America).

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