Another Nap Update

Last time I tried to shorten Milton’s naps, he voted to continue [Nap Update]. This time, I had hoped that the attitude changes with the new food [Feed Adventures] would eliminate the need to put Milton up for part of the day [Naptime]. Less barn work for me and a more horse-like existence for him.

Not so much.

Milton was grumpier than merited. Rodney was working well but wore a concerned expression. I finally put Milton up for a nice, long, 2- to 3-hour nap. Lots of hay. Lots of time to stand & chill. Smiles and relaxed expressions all around.

The fixed environment of the stall give Milton’s hyperactive Thoroughbred mind a chance to recalibrate. This I knew. I didn’t understand how deeply naptime affected Rodney.

Their bromance is complicated.

When food is involved, or might be involved, Milton goes after Rodney like shark after chum. We call him Sharknado. Rodney jumps away like a startled bunny. While we have never seen Rodney retaliate, we have noticed that Milton is the one covered with scuff marks.

The rest of the time, Milton follows Rodney around with slavish devotion. Rodney chooses where to graze. Milton trails along. If Milton is in the stall, Rodney will often leave the run-in shed once his hay is gone. If Rodney is in the stall, Milton never leaves. He will hang out until Rodney is let out.

I think Rodney needs me time.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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