Show Reports, Winter Tournament #1 & # 2, 2016/2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Two for the price of one. Last month, holiday posts bumped coverage of Winter Tournament #1.

The question: Does Robert want to be an Academy Horse? [Looking Forward SSF]
The answer: Yes. Yes, he does.
In two shows, he is undefeated with one walk-trot rider, nearly so with the other, and has won a blue at both shows with me.

More importantly, he seems to be enjoying himself. The hours are longer. The first show was 6 classes, the second show was 8. He’s probably never done that in his life. However, an Academy day is still less intense than a single suit class.

At the first show, I was next to the ingate when he came out, switched riders, and went back on the ring. His confusion was obvious. So was his willingness.

‘I’m going back in the ring?’
‘I’m going back in the ring!’

The attention and admiration of a show horse without the work of a performance horse. Sweet.

Show specifics
Winter Tournament #1
Heathermore Farm
Moody, AL
December 10, 2016

Photo by Reagan Upton

Advance Horsemanship WTC Adult – 6th of 7 with Robert
Advanced Equitation WTC Adult (Pattern) – 6th of 7 with Sam
Pleasure Horse or Pony WTC Adult – 1st of 6 with Robert
Academy Driving – 1st of 1 with Alvin

Thank you to the Wamble, Huguley & Upton families.

First class. Too tentative. Not going for it. At ringside, Coach Courtney said I was reverting to hunter riding. Husband pointed out that wasn’t huntering. It was just bad riding.

Third class. Sent into the ring with the injunction to ride like I drive, i.e. More Alvin!

Robert got a break & I did the equitation class on Sam. Patterns on Robert require finesse. When I rode this way with Sam, he wanted to know in the name of little green apples I was playing at. Note to self: when switching horses, remember to switch plans.

Uncontested blue. Wheeeeee. Why do I bother with one-horse classes?
1) I’m competitive enough that it still feels like showing
2) It goes toward my 10,000 hours of mastery.
3) It’s fun.
Winter Tournament #2

ERA Stables and Elite Riding Academy [Facebook, Arab Tribune]
Arab, AL
January 14, 2017

Photo by Darren Casperian

Advance Horsemanship WTC Adult – 2nd of 6
Advanced Equitation WTC Adult (Pattern) – 1st of 6
Pleasure Horse or Pony WTC Adult – 4th of 6
All classes with Robert.

Thank you to the Upton & Huguley families.

… blue ribbon last time … better not f*ck it up this time … nice horse … if I screw up, it’s all me … we did this a month ago … so what … I still don’t speak Robert … what if he gets strong at the second canter like he did in my lesson? … no Sam for the pattern class … whaaa … Robert & I have never gotten all the way through the pattern …

We went in. Had three good-to-great classes. Made no major mistakes. Aced the pattern. One of my best patterns, including many that I have done with Sam.

This is why no one pays attention when I have a meltdown.
We take our showing very seriously at Team Stepping Stone.

I, rabbit. Photo by Michelle Duplichien.
I, rabbit.
Photo by Michelle Duplichien.

Yes, we do.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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