Looking Forward, SSF 2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

New adventure.

At the barn, Robert, an older performance horse, is being asked if he would prefer the working retirement of an Academy horse. I am one of several beta testers.

This comes at the perfect time for me. I adore Sam. The part of me that is a quivering mess on the mounting block could sit on Sam forever. Quietly walking around on him soothes my soul. However. The part of me that can turn an Academy Driving class into a chariot race is finding the upper end of Sam’s range. Sam is starting to notice. He will do a few fancy steps for display purposes. If you press him for constant high performance, he will object. Loudly.

In non-horse terms, Sam is a station wagon. Reliable. Good for new drivers. Not to be used for sports-car activities. There are horses with sports-car talent and station-wagon attitudes. They are rare and do not come up for sale.

Sam is right. In the normal course of things, I am well past time for moving up to suit. However, I don’t wish to take on a third horse in addition to the two at home. This includes leasing as well as buying. If this limits my options, so be it. Choices have consequences.

Now I can ride a suit horse at Academy prices? Such a deal.

The downside risk is that Robert may decide he does not wish to be an Academy horse. He may decide he does not wish to be an Academy horse the middle of an Academy class. Hero or zero. Ah well, I ride (used to ride? will ride again? ride in theory?) Thoroughbreds. I understand the concept.

Yeah boy!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott



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