Looking Forward, Driving 2017

Driving Thursday

ASB Driving
As last year [2016], Greg and I will drive in lessons and Academy classes as time, Coach Courtney, and the horses permit. Me more than him. He doesn’t see that being taken around the ring by an obliging Saddlebred teaches him much about negotiating a marathon obstacle. I think that any time in any cart would be of benefit. The truth undoubtedly lies somewhere between.

Combined Driving
This one will be hard for me.

Since this is Greg’s project, I must let him proceed at his own pace, whether that means buying a horse & cart to spend the winter in Florida or taking a handful of lessons over the next six months. I can’t be motivated for him. Therefore, I am trying NOT to bounce about like a wind-up toy saying, Let’s go have a lesson, Let’s drive in this show, Let’s go up to Tennessee.

Sit and wait. Not my forte.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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