Road to the World Cup, Traveling for the Team, Guest Post

Adventures in Saddle Seat Stepping Stone Farm rider Reagan Upton is on the U.S. Saddle Seat World Cup Team. She is sharing her story. Welcome Reagan. Part 1 [Have Saddle, Will Travel] Part 2 [First Team Practice] Part 3 [Three-Gaited & Five-Gaited] Part 4 [Do I Miss Equitation?] Not many of us have the opportunityContinue reading “Road to the World Cup, Traveling for the Team, Guest Post”

The I-Got-This Training Theory

Last week, Rodney was proud of himself for mastering an exercise [By George]. That’s the goal for all of his work. Remember the high school science demo that used air pressure to cavitate a can, UW-M Wonders of Physics: Collapsing Can? That’s how Rodney’s mind works. Overwhelming External Pressure   When the world is tooContinue reading “The I-Got-This Training Theory”

New Equipment: Grooming Bats

Okay Milton, wave that back foot at me one more time. Go on. I dare you. I do not advocate fear, or pain, or abuse. I do advocate respect. Me for the horse. The horse for me. A horse needs to know that a misstep will receive swift retaliation from the herd leader. That wouldContinue reading “New Equipment: Grooming Bats”