Spring Forward!

Milton is mobile! We went to Stepping Stone on Sunday! Test run of horse, truck, and trailer! Success! There and back again! Milton thinks the peacock is darn weird! Milton has a point!

Rodney got ridden! Twice over the weekend! A handful of minutes at a walk! The ring was in a different place! He hasn’t had a lot of work lately! He was less happy than last time [Gold Star]! All parties on speaking terms at the end!


I promise not to make this into a blow-by-blow training journal. I’m not clever enough to make that entertaining. However, when one is learning to tie one’s shoes, each small success is a milestone to be celebrated. After a while, one is assumed to be able to do these things.

The next step for Milton is to ship over for remedial groundwork with my saddle seat instructor and eventual introduction to a cowboy for Backing, The Sequel. Yes, yes, he was ridden on the track and by his previous owner. I have photos and videos of him being ridden on trial. I have no idea why he acts like an unbroke three-year-old for us. That is an issue for tomorrow.

Rodney and I will keep on until both of us are ready for the next microscopic increase, be it 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years.



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