New Equipment: Clickers

Milton & I have a new project.

clicker two
clicker pack

As soon as I ordered a set from, I found my stash of old, box-style clickers.

clicker box front

clicker box back

The new design has a quieter click, “for classes or sound sensitive animals.” The new shape, “is always in a clickable position no matter how you hold it.” (ibid). I like the fact that you can’t hold it backwards, but am having trouble getting used to smaller click. Milton hears it just fine.

Dont cov

Yes, I’ve tried clicker training before, both dogs and horses. They’ve done great. I’ve been a mess. Having read Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog [S&S 1984, revised Bantam 1999] and Lads before the Wind [Harper & Row 1975, expanded edition Sunshine 2000] multiple times, I had theories playing bumper cars in my head. What if I reward the wrong thing? What if I reward the right thing at the wrong time? Should I be shaping? What if …?

Lads cov


This time, no books, no DVDs. Just a pile of carrots, a clicker, and a horse. What is the worst that could happen? I turn him into a carrot mooch? He already is. I derail his show career? He doesn’t have one. We spend time together? As long as he gets treats out of it, Milton’s happy.


6 thoughts on “New Equipment: Clickers

  1. But Adult-in-Charge, I’m confused. How do I get the F-ing carrot? Don’t what to do something to get the F-ing carrot. Just want the F-ing carrot.


  2. I’ve been clicking with my horses and dog for years–even my cat, a little. The worst that has happened is that they try so hard and love to work. I use a tongue click for my dog and horse–the real click for the cat cuz he’s special.

  3. Happy to see this! Wishing fun times to you both and good results. If you get tangled up in your thinking, hit me up. You will do fine and don’t worry so much!!

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