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Melnick card+ Saddle fitter came on Saturday [Finding One That Fits]. Fred found a few issues with my position and with the saddle, but nothing that would contribute to a major meltdown, particularly given Milton’s amiable demeanor while we worked around him.

+ I have ordered a plastic, three-step mounting block. This works with the zippiest of ASBs, so I figure it’s a good place to start.

In defense of the barrel [Universe], I have used it for a myriad of horses. No one has every given it the hairy eyeball. Until now. Even when Rodney was coked out on competition feed, he never looked at it. Getting on from that height removes torque from the horse’s spine and avoids the awkward mid-air position. Be that as it may, we have moved on.

As for mounting from the wrong side, I have no explanation. Brain fade.

+ When I figure out what to put on Milton’s back, Saddle Seat Instructor has given me the name of a cowboy for First Contact – The Sequel.

+ Milton has been a star with his groundwork: lunging, walking over cavelletti, trotting in hand, even discussing the kiddie pool. He did everything well, particularly for a 6-year-old, green Thoroughbred. If he objected at all, he tended to stand there and say, Why should I? If the subsequent motivation involved, say, a lunge whip, he didn’t necessarily like it, but he took it with good grace.

In short, his work attitude as been everything we would expect from his reputation and his behavior since his arrival … with that one exception.
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Ghost lurks in his tree
Ghost lurks in his tree

8 thoughts on “Milton Miscellany

  1. Remember the ‘mounting block’ at the barn where we rode in the age of the dinosaur?
    That great huge block of wood with a step chopped out of it. I wonder if that’s where the term came from…

  2. Switching to a mounting block is an excellent change. As for mounting from the wrong side, that may have been a factor but it wouldn’t explain the continued bucking. Perhaps he would prefer a saddle he has been ridden with in the past?

  3. I dunno. I don’t think bucking after the first buck requires much more of an explanation than “Yeah, baby!” Avoiding/stopping the first buck is almost always paramount, but all horses can buck. Anyone who rides knows that. First ride, fifth ride … it doesn’t matter. It can pop up any time, any place. With hindsight I’d rather get that nonsense out in the open early on so I know exactly what I’ve got. I don’t like delayed surprises. So you know your horse can buck OK. He’s going to have to come up with something a lot more creative to fool you now. Good progress on covering some of the props. You’ve got this! 🙂

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