Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Current Work

Every wary of the jinx monster, I hesitate to say too much.

Rodney is enjoying his easy lessons and coping with his hard ones. Hard being a relative term here. He is relaxing into the warm weather faster than we had hoped.

After a winter of Mr. Hyde, we are having a wonderful time getting to know Dr. Jekyll. Although I acted from despair [Hindsight], virtually ignoring him was not the wrong answer. Can you imagine if we had forced the issue? That’s how rogues are made.

The plan remains to cowboy up. Although, I expect Milton will be the polite if ignorant horse that he was when Fairy Godmother tried him [Mail-Order Horse]. Until then, groundwork and grooming.

Bottom Line
The goal is to keep the sessions short, frequent, and positive. The horses are not the only ones who would benefit from some successes.

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