Introduction Day

Rodney Milton graze 8 30 14

Rodney started it.
Milton won it.

They have had a week to compare notes thru the bars. Today was the meet&greet. We tried to arrange so this would occur in open, neutral ground. Only moderate success. First contact came amid a small stand of trees. Squealing and front leg curling. We shooed them out to a clear area of the pasture. Milton trooped after Rodney. As far was we can tell, Milton went over to say hi. Rodney dealt Milton a meaty thunk to the chest. Whereupon, Milton spun around. There was a brief intermeshing of hind legs. When they separated, Rodney sported a hoof-shaped scrape on his gaskin. (The upper fleshy part of the hind leg. A nice, squishy spot. Not a fragile, bony spot.)

Apparently the big bully has a glass hindquarter and can’t take a punch. Milton was not aggressive. He just wasn’t taking any shit. Rodney spent the rest of the morning avoiding Milton’s overtures, friendly or otherwise. By afternoon, there was mutual backscratching. Also squeals and thumps.

We have closed off the pen for the nonce. That way no one (Rodney) will get trapped. Therefore, during the brief rainstorm they had to shelter under the trees. Sometimes it sucks to be a horse.

Milton rain 8 30 14



Rodney checks out my sitting area.
Rodney checks out my sitting area.

4 thoughts on “Introduction Day

  1. It could have been worse. It could have been snowing. Unlikely but not impossible. How does Rodney handle lightning?

  2. Glamor boys like to make noise, but when the dust settles they tend to make poor leaders. My money is on Milton to rule the roost. I’m also betting once the hierarchy is established he will lead with little fuss or fanfare.

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