Gift Celebration

Now that we are all back to work, it is time for the ceremonial showing of the gifts. Since I was born in December, some of these are birthday gifts. No public credit. I did not get this written in time to ask the givers if they wanted to be outed. I know at least one who wishes to remain anonymous on general principles. Thank you! You know who you are. Handwritten notes coming. Really. I promise.

Horse Pattern Sharf. Wide enough to work as a shawl. Thin enough to be gathering into a fashionably bulky scarf.

gifts 3

Logo Bag. Can one have too many containers?

gifts 5

Quilt Square. I’ve seen it in photos. Now it is mine!

gifts 4

“This is called ‘It’s not sheep I count to sleep.’ The horses are beaded. The fence is painted. The blue quilting is dotted with blue stars and gold stars. The green beading is made with seed beads and another type of bead.” Q is for Quilt

Cat Lady Mug, with treats for human and feline. I have 5 cats. My personal CCL limit is 6. Therefore, I am well under. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

gifts 2 with insert

What did you get?
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