Text Art: Q is for Quilt

letter 2015 Q

Quilts by Deborah Rubin

DR quilt beads

“This is called ‘It’s not sheep I count to sleep.’ The horses are beaded. The fence is painted. The blue quilting is dotted with blue stars and gold stars. The green beading is made with seed beads and another type of bead.”

DR quilt red

“This is called ‘Freedom Rising’. The horse head is two-sided, and only connects to the body just before the withers. The tail is loose. There isn’t a whole lot of quilting but that’s because the horse is fighting from his blue patch to the red freedom.”

DR quilt year

The Year of the Horse.

Thank you, Deborah! KTW

Deborah’s Blog
Life, the Universe, and Everything: Adventures of a Curious Mind

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Photo by Deborah Rubin
Photo by Deborah Rubin

Alphabet 2015
P is for Peppermint
O is for Outstanding
N is for Nail
M is for Mathilda
L is for Longe Line
K is for Kopertox(R)
J is for Jump
I is for Irons
H is for Hay
G is for Green Grass
F is for Feed
E is for Eventing
D is for Dressage
C is for Caesar
B is for Boot
A Is For Appaloosa

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