Letter Art: Invitation


Have any interest in drawing, photographing, or otherwise creating letters? Join me. I am looking for Guest Artists for Letter Art Sundays.


Mapping Manh cov

For Mapping Manhattan, Becky Cooper gave out blank maps. People filled the silhouettes with images, landmarks, and significant moments from their own lives. The maps of Manhattan are the same but different.

Too cool.

What can I do that is collaborative? Start a new project on a new site? Meh. What can I do with what I already have? A photo gallery of readers and their horses? In theory, lovely. In reality, getting bogged down curating copyright issues. Guest posts? Yes, always open to those, but that’s not really collaborative.


You are hereby invited to send in YOUR horse’s name as letter art. No horse? Horse is CH Midnight Soliloquy Dankeshein Zip-Bar Special Cupcake, with a stable name too embarrassing to make public? Have fun with “Rodney”, “Milton”, or “Rodney’s Saga”. Or contribute to the 2016 Alphabet.

Not an artist? First of all, yes you are. I am willing to bet you make art on a regular basis, you simply don’t call it that. Second, I didn’t say it had to be world-class art. I’m no Jessica Hische. No one is hiring me to draw letters for a living. I do it because the colors are pretty. Third, still don’t believe me? Build your horse’s name out of grooming equipement and take a picture [Hoofpick Letters].

Pretty much anything goes within the intersection of horses and letter art.

I spend a lot of time inside my own head. I would be interested to see how other people create different approaches to the same concept.

If this doesn’t flip your skirt, I’m always in need of ideas, either for Rodney’s Saga lettering or for letters of the alphabet with a horse angle.

Fine Print
No money involved. Of interest to those who wish to work for giggles. Your own work, see copyright concerns above. You retain all rights to the artwork. Usage would be as a blog post, on the Facebook page associated with the blog, and in subsequent year-end compilations.

No deadline. Offer exists as long as the blog exists. Or if I have to cancel the concept because it becomes a hairball for some odd reason.

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