Pony for a Gift

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What do you get as a thank you gift for a person who has helped a lifelong competition dream to come true [Show Report: Indiana CDE 2017] and more [Nashoba, scroll down for 2017 season links]? Money? No amount would be enough. In-kind equipment? I wouldn’t begin to know what to buy Coach Kate for her carriage. So, I went creative. Pony for a Pony.

One for Coach Kate. Her show colors are blue & red.
One for us. Milton’s carriage is black with red trim.

I got the idea from The $900 Facebook Pony in That Holiday Haul. The artist’s preferred method of contact is through Pony for a Pony Instagram.

I sent the artist a photo of Milton with his Pony for A Pony.


Update: I feel the need to add that I follow Pony for a Pony, both on the blog Instagram & on my personal account. Dunno why it’s not showing up that way.

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Katherine Walcott

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