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This year, we had two competitions in mind for Milton. Having attended them last year with Bliss, we were hoping to return with our own horse.

1) The MTCC mini-CDE [Show Report 2017]. After Tennessee [Not a Post], this became unlikely. It is in two weeks. We are not going.


2) The Indiana CDE [Show Report 2017]. This was always a long shot. After, Tennessee, it became a moon shot. We recently found out that the competition has been canceled.

So now what? Concentrate on driving? Concentrate on riding? Lots of options.

Inspired by last year’s summer of leisure [Rodney Lately, Rodney Tests The Vest], Rodney is getting a good start on a repeat this summer.

First, we went for a walk [A Walk on the Mild Side]. Success. Too close to actual work. Must rethink.

Then, vet. Our special snowflakes are always sore for a few days after their annual shots.

Then, sore RF. Warm in the shoulder. We suspect a kick.

Then, sore LF. A bruise/abscess that is taking forever to heal.

In all of these, Rodney does just enough to stay on injured reserve while causing the least possible amount of pain or inconvenience to himself.

I swear this is a new photo.
[Hoof Meet Bucket] 2012
[Rodney’s Feet] 2017
You may be sensing a theme.

Testing my resolve not to whine all over you. Or, more importantly, not to let whining all over you make me feel even worse about going nowhere. Time to haul out some of those light-hearted, less-personal posts that I talked about [Back To Blogging].

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