A Walk on the Mild Side

Home Team

That moment when you decide to put on your big girl britches and take your horse on a walk all the way around the pasture despite that fact that the two of you have not been that far from the barn by yourselves in forever and your horse is so calm that he decides to rub his face on his leg while on a downhill slope and you feel as if a somersault is immanent and you try not to remember the time you fell off when his head was down by his knees and you make a gentle, totally non-panicking request for your horse to raise his head, which causes him to curl his neck like a shrimp, making you feel pitched even further forward, so you gulp deeply, drop the reins and ask him to walk on. Yeah, that moment.

The rest of the ride was a piece of cake.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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