Milton & I Level Up

Home Team

Achievements Unlocked

SSF small, covered ring: walk, trot, canter

SSF big ring: walk, trot

Home: walk

Cavaletti: jump on a lunge line, trot under saddle

Granted, Milton & I have only started our climb to 99. We are still on the newbie section of the game where you can gain a level with a handful of gold coins, a striped candy, and three edge pieces. There is more to do. With horses, there is always more to do: transition power-ups, gaits upgrade, contact XPs, the 20-meter stretchy circle dungeon crawl, the warm-up ring rampage, the gymnastics zone, jumping cooperative gameplay wherein Milton and I join forces against the NPC course designer, and so on.

For now, I’m enjoying all the low-hanging firsts we’ve collected since pony rides for the old lady at the end of last year [I Ride Milton!].

First Canter
Photo by Courtney Huguley

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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