Rodney’s Feet

Right hind – still has remnants of puffiness above his fetlock from the trailer kerfuffle two weeks ago [Dubious Future]. Rodney’s tell for pain is acting scared of people, for example getting more headshy. In this case, the front end never registered a problem in the back end. So, I never worried unduly. (Worrying about getting him on a trailer again, that’s a whole different anxiety attack. But I digress.)

Left front – Lost shoe Friday. Shod Monday. Barefoot for Three. Whole. Days. Oh noes! Soaking foot, coating sole with turpentine, and crossing fingers against an abscess. In the photo, the schmutz on his leg is sweat from a hard day’s grazing. After this, I rinsed him off & hosed his other leg.

BTW, Milton lost the same shoe for the same time frame. He’s fine. He also ships.

I am hereby changing Rodney’s name to Precious Prince Snowflake Cupcake.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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