Show Report: Nashoba Carriage Classic 2017

Nashoba Carriage Classic (Facebook)
October 20-22, 2017
Germantown Charity Horse Show Showgrounds
Germantown, TN USA

Friday: Bliss, Greg & Katherine
Driving Derby, Intermediate Single Horse – 1st of 1
(Jewel & Kate, 1/1 in Preliminary)

Saturday: Bliss & Greg
Turnout – 2nd of 2
Timed Obstacles – 2nd of 2 (by 2 seconds!)
Working – 1st of 2
Reinsmanship – 2nd of 2
Single Horse Division – Reserve Champion

Gambler’s Choice – 1st of 2

Thanks to Kate Bushman for the beautiful Bliss WH and to the Nashoba Carriage Association (Facebook) for putting on the show.

Turned out that Kate and Greg were the only non-draft horses to turn up, thus making a division of two. They swapped ribbons depending on the class requirements. The fancy carriage (Kate) won the turnout class, the experienced horse (Bliss) won the working class, and so on.

Greg was a better, happier driver in the objective, jumper-style classes that featured cones and a stopwatch, than in the subjective, hunter-style classes that relied on the opinion of the judge. Color me surprised.

We will probably continue to show at pleasure shows. Opportunities to drive are limited. You take what you can get. Annoyingly, neither of the carts we have are suitable/allowed in pleasure shows. Greg will need a presentation carriage. Yes, we may be shopping for a third vehicle. How did that happen?

View From The Back Seat
In the Friday night derby, Greg entered the Intermediate level. Training goes through gates A-B-C; Prelim, A-B-C-D; Intermediate, A-B-C-D-E. Since it will be a while before he goes Intermediate for real, it was fun practicing five-gate obstacles.

I rode on the carriage for the derby class. For the Saturday classes, I stood on the sidelines & waved my pom-poms. There were Sunday classes but the horses left early as their chauffeur had to catch a flight.

2017 Season
Thus ends our CDE competition year.
AWWCC Driving Derby 2017
Middle Tennessee Carriage Club Horse Driving Trial 2017
CAA Carriage Festival 2017
MTCC Driving Derby 2017
Indiana CDE 2017
Nashoba Carriage Classic

It was awesome! Onwards to 2018!

Show Tweets: Nashoba Carriage Classic 2017
Foto Friday: Hoofprints on the Road

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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