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I’m Not Late, It Is Still The Christmas Season

Well, the gift was late, the post is not

Awareness of the outside world. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night … nor Christmas season nor massive online-shopping volume nor increased sick leave nor political machinations … stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. The Post Office is doing a decent job, for a 2020 definition of “swift”. Things I ordered are showing up eventually. This gift was mailed two weeks ago on the Monday before Christmas. It arrived one week later, on the Monday after Christmas. One week delivery during any Christmas season is a darn good feat. All lateness is my fault. Public props to our postal carrier for taking the time to put our packages up the driveway where they can’t be seen from the road, rather than leaving them at the mailbox, which is faster & easier.

To: Cruisen In Stilletos
From: Virtual Brush Box

Dear Giftee:

In my cover letter, I promised I’d explain in a blog post.

First, apologies, as above, for my lateness. I wish I could blame 2020. Alas, I only ordered one thing. It arrived promptly, I utter flopped on getting it in the mail. Buying gifts for others? I’m on it! Giving gifts to others? Here ya go! Packing and shipping? Ick to the ick. I displayed such an aversion to this activity that I am reconsidering signing up for next year.

Enough about my foibles.

Second, I either spent too much or not enough. By commercial value, over the spending suggestion. By outlay for this specific project, way under the limit. Three of four were things I had lying around the house. In my defense, I’ve ended up with some nice things lying around the house.

Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum by Dr. Seuss, Illustrated by Andrew Joyner (Penquin 2019). Who doesn’t like a book? I know you like horses. Who doesn’t like Dr. S (sort of)? A while back, I bought several copies – full price, from an indie bookstore – for a giveaway I never held. This is my copy. Still have a third one to give away. Maybe someday.

Field Notes. I love these. I love the size. I love the aesthetic. I love the materials. I have a quarterly subscription. I use them to take notes when I am out & about. I am neither out nor about. No notes to take. Subscription piling up. Hate to cancel. 😦 Give them away! πŸ™‚

Spot On Braiding Wax. This was from your want list. Bought some for myself. Water has always worked well enough for me, but I’ll give it a try. At least I knew you would like one of the four.

I’ll braid again, maybe someday. [Firm Grip On Last Place]

Waxed Braiding Thread. While I was at it, I bought myself a roll of thread. I’m picky about what I braid with, but I’ll give this a try as well.

Breyer Stablemates. I’ve starting picking up a few here and there. Who knew that something so small could accumulate so fast. Didja notice I picked one that was braided? Didja? Huh? I’ll show myself out.

Finally, I’m sure you join me in thanking Alberta Equest for taking on Blogger Secret Santa 2020.

Aw, you’re too kind. Cruisen In Stilletos: 2020 Equestrian Blogger Secret Santa.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “One For You, One For Me, Blogger Gift Exchange, What Went Out

  1. What fun!

    You have always been a great giver of gifts.

    Here is one of my favorite stories about your creativity:

    When you were young, about fifth grade, you left for school one winter morning in your hooded snowsuit, boots and gloves with your books and your lunch in your backpack. I commented that you were loaded for bear then had to explain what that meant.

    That afternoon, when you came home, you handed me something you had bought on your way home – a small, fuzzy figurine of a bear. That tickled me no end.

    You are not only thoughtful and generous but very good at gifting.

    Thanks for sharing you 2020 gifts.

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