State of the Blog: Title Question

Question for you. Should I change my title strategy?

On Fridays, Sundays, and the last Saturday of the month, I use special titles: Foto Friday, Letter Arts, & State of the Blog. I use these as warning when the content is not standard horse spiel, i.e. if you are not into art photos, lettering, or my thoughts on blogging, you might wish to come back tomorrow.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, since it is standard horse spiel, I use sub-heads to indicate specific content, i.e. saddle seat and driving.


I’ve started to wonder if I am overthinking this. I read a blog that categorizes posts depending on whether the topic was covered previously, whether the post is long or short, and so on. I’m sure the organizational scheme makes sense to the blogger. For me, it is overly finicky and gets in the way of the ideas.

So, should I simplify to one consistent style?

1) Put all labels in titles. Example, last Wednesday would go from

Pretty Ribbon
Saddle Seat Wednesday: Pretty Ribbon

Clarifying or cumbersome?

2) Put all labels in subheads. The title for today would go from

State of the Blog: Title Question
Title Question

State of the Blog

Neat or not enough context?

3) Keep it the way it is. It helps, or at least doesn’t hinder. Mox nix.

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “State of the Blog: Title Question

  1. I like it the way it is. There are a few things that when I’m super busy that I occasionally skip (photo or letter art) so that helps me there. I always read and want to read when you are writing.

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