Don Me Now My Gay Apparel, Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019

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First Order Of Business
All hail The Printable Pony for organizing the blogger gift exchange. These things are always more of a hairball than they seem from the outside. How hard can it be to collect a few names, match them up, & list the resulting blog posts? Ha! My sympathies.

If you want to see what folks are getting, blog roll at The Printable Pony: Thank You 2019 Gift Exchange Participants!

To: Me
From: Equinpilot

The haul
Horses – German horse muffins, Uckele Equine Equitreats, & Start to Finish apple treats
Dog – Pupperoni
Cats – treat potpourri
Me – two shirts

The pink shirt was exactly what I asked for. When I say exactly what I asked for, I mean “exactly.” The sign-up sheet had a space for notes. I asked for a 2x shirt from where the person lived, regardless of whether or not the result had anything to do with horses. Is being that specific helpful or greedy?

I wear big shirts as at-home lounge wear in warm weather. Since I am home a lot and it is warm a lot, I go through a lot of oversized shirts. Either they wear out, or they are from past activities that I am over. Clean cups!

So, when I wear this, I can think about the blog, about blogging, and about the new friends I have met in giving and receiving. And about pink Marines. I have so many questions.

Saved the best for last. Custom drawing of Milton & Rodney. On a shirt. With bows. I must buy these bows and take this picture. Awesome the shirt is. Gobsmacked I am. Would it be weird to frame a t-shirt?

Thank you Equinpilot!

Here’s what EP got as their blogger gift, Equinpilot: 2019 Blogger Gift Exchange.

To: Quantum Chromatic Abberation
From: Me

When I signed up for the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange, I had such plans. I was going to read the target blog throughly, in its entirety if feasible, and craft the perfect suite of low-price, adorable gifts ideally suited to the blogger. The recipient would have fallen back in awe at my ability to encapsulate them in a box.

Then I got QCA.

QCA has a wish list.

The wish list had a book.

Welp, that was easy.

I’m a sucker for books, [Retail Therapy]. I wrote about them professionally for years. I have a book feature on the blog, [Have You Read This? Travel]. I am on the record as liking to send books to people, “Everybody wins! Giving away books is fun! I need to stop having giveaways if I refuse to pick a winner!” [$700 Giveaway, see comment].

The outcome was inevitable.

It’s more than I was supposed to spend, but when you add in the shipping I would have paid for the items I would have bought, not *that* much more. That’s my story.

Their copy, Quantum Chromatic Abberation: Blogger Gift Exchange! I also ordered a copy for myself, [Tsundoku Additions].

[Gift Theory and Blogger Gift Exchange Follow Up]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Funny you ask about framing. I normally do a framed gift but resisted since I thought it was in the category of stuff. So glad everything worked especially the pink.

  2. Nicole: You were right about my what I said on the subject of “stuff.” Thought about it long enough that it became a blog post for Monday, 1/13/20.

    All: Definitely fun! Have note on my blog calendar to sign up for 2020.

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