$700 Giveaway

Free ecopy of this book to one lucky commenter:

Broadhurst cov 2nd KindleFurther Adventures of the $700 Pony
$700 Pony Chronicles Book 2
Kindle Edition
by Ellen Broadhurst
Half Halt Press 2008, Kindle 2015

Giveaway of first book and discussion by the author: Have You Met the $700 Pony? A Guest Plug

First book excerpt: The $700 Pony Goes To the Vet

Buy now: Amazon link

Open to anyone with an email address and an accessible Kindle account. Amazon says it can reach 100 countries. If you win and live abroad, I’ll give it a try. Using Kindle (Free 3G) if You Live Outside the United States

Same rules as last time [Guest Plug]. Comment below. One straight-up, simple comment allowed per person. Additional comments, thus additional chances, will be permitted IF the additional comment contains an amusing anecdote, heartwarming story, or compelling reason why you deserve the book the mostest. Multiple additional entries allowed per person, provided each new comment (after the first) offers a new anecdote, story, reason. When the dust has settled, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. To recap, everyone can enter once easily. More entries require more work. Amuse me!

Update 2/27 – I forgot the disclosure: no hidden arrangements. Clicked the books from Amazon same as everyone else. (I’m a sucker for book shopping, see New Year’s resolutions: book buying as entertainment [8th].) The author knew in advance, but then, I tend to warn everyone, all the time, about everything.

5 thoughts on “$700 Giveaway

  1. I’m game if only because I’m just midway though the coldest, snowiest winter in forever, which makes reading about a life more insane than my own seem entertaining. I’ll check back to see if I’ve won, but for now I’ve got to go out in sub-zero weather and chip frozen poop out of sixty-eight inches of snow. Again.

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