Have You Met the $700 Pony? A Guest Plug

The Chronicles of the $700 Pony
by Ellen Broadhurst
Half Halt Press 2006

To help with your holiday shopping, here are copies of an out-of-print book available directly from the author. If she won’t brag on herself, I will. The book is hysterical. Don’t believe me? Check out an excerpt for yourself, The $700 Pony Goes To the Vet. Cracks me up every time I read it.

I believe in the book so much that I am having a giveaway. Comment below. When the dust has settled, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. One straight-up “Hello World” comment allowed per person. To make it interesting, additional comments and thus additional chances will be permitted IF the additional comment contains an amusing anecdote, heartwarming story, or compelling reason why you deserve the book the mostest. To recap, everyone can enter once with a simple comment. More entries require more work.

Welcome Ellen:

It’s that most wonderful time of the year! The time of the year when our attention turns to keeping our toes and fingers frostbite free, ridding our undergarments of clipped horse hair, and finding just the perfect blend fats, carbs and proteins to keep our equine friends fat and happy, but not too sassy. All that, and shopping for the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I am spending way too much time looking for the perfect gift for my circle of horse crazy friends.

Horse mugs, we have a few, horse shirts, we have outgrew, and those fun horse shaped treats, well, it’s time for something new! I have been invited here today, in fact, by my friend Katherine, in order to suggest something entirely different for this year’s holiday stocking: a book. But not just any old horse book; not an über serious George Morris tome that might actually help you with your riding, nor a practical encyclopedia that would help you identify that funky bit you just found underneath the stinky dog blanket in the back of your truck, not even the slightly befuddling Cleveland Bay and Yorkshire Coach Horses designed to I don’t even know what. No indeed, I am here to suggest something light hearted and fun for those long, cold winter nights: The Chronicles of the $700 Pony.

The basic premise involves a woman, a newspaper ad for a cheap pony, a check book and a trailer. Surely that sounds like a combination that has the potential to be entertaining? Chronicles of the $700 Pony is meant to be hilariously funny, but as the author, it’s more than a bit awkward for me to blow my own funny bone. Reader reviews on Amazon, though suggest that others have found it amusing:

Reader Dr. Laura DVM, says: “So, what can you say when a book already has a 100% 5 star rating??? You will wet your pants. We have all had a $700 pony of some ilk or another and this is the story we would have written if we were as witty as Ellen Broadhurst. For those who might not have had a $700 pony, you have missed out on a major equestrian rite of passage. This book would then be required reading – it’s the closest to the real thing you are going to find.”

Reader Bob says, “The Chronicles of the $700 Pony is Dave Barry/Erma Bombeck meets the horse world. It is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Absolutely laugh-out-loud hysterical. The cover should be stamped with the warning: DO NOT EAT OR DRINK WHILE READING THIS BOOK. I had to learn this the hard way.”

So, if you have been wondering what to get your best riding buddy for Christmas, I’d be happy to send you an autographed copy of a very funny book.

Link to book for sale by me: Amazon.com At a Glance: ebroadhurst

Practical bits:
On the Amazon link above, Ellen’s copies are listed under New > “Sold by the author; autographed copies” for $13 plus shipping.

If you would like a special order with an inscription, contact Ellen at ebroadhurst@reynardridge.com.


(Update: I will ship internationally, if needed. Sending books to people is fun.)

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Update: A review from one of the winners, Tales From Provence: A Whole Pile of Literary Stuff.

Update 2/27/15 – I forgot the disclosure: No advertising arrangement. Book(s) bought at a discount from the author.

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