I Doubt The Donkeys Care

Last day. For reals. I mean it this time.


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Huge thanks to Haynet for running the contest. I bet it was more work than we realize. Such things always sound easy in theory. Then become a hairball in reality.

For the rest of you, in return for listening to my incessant vote groveling, a gratuitous donkey photo:

donkeys 12 3 2014

Donkeys on Rodney’s Saga
Roadside Attraction. These are from the same farm as above. Probably at least one of the same beasts. I can’t tell. Not up on my donkey identification. The donkey farm is near the Saddlebred barn. Not alway to good effect, “The day she saw two donkeys was almost life changing for her.” Guest Post: California Girl becomes a Southern Belle

Nepali Pack Ponies, A Guest Post. International, working donkeys.

Update: also here, at end of post Show Report: Rocking S

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