Show Report: Rocking S

Rocking S sign

Bingo was my dance partner at this show. As I’ve said before [Training Aids], I am relaxed on Bingo and am less likely to get drawn into his drama. Not that he has much drama in the first place, hence the relaxed. It was a local show, so polo shirt instead of vest. My main competition was the same – myself.

Academy Pleasure WTC Adult 2 of 3
Although I did a reasonably good job of leaving my horse to his own devices and concentrating on my own position, I got out-cuted. Or whatever is the proper term for ladies well past the pigtail stage.

Academy Equitation WTC Adult 3 of 3
I dialed Bingo up a bit more without losing the focus on my riding. However, I blew the right lead. This on a horse who is so easy that kids learn to canter on him. What’s up with that?

Had glimmerings of the type of riding required for competitive equitation. Also glimmerings that these nuances may not be in my skill set. Nuance is not a word people use to near me. More on this anon.
Gratuitous Donkey Cuteness

Rocking S donkey

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      1. Are there such things? I don’t go much of anywhere, but as long as Spotted and my camera are with me, I keep an eye out for things I can make interesting (like the gazebo & portico). Have a couple in mind if I can remember to take Spotted and my camera at the same time…(i don’t have a smartphone with camera built in, just a little digital PhD and my old SLR

  1. You are good with nuances in words. Why doesn’t that translate into physical action?

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