The show report for this week will be one day late. Instead of diligently writing the post on Monday, I decided to conduct an experiment in automotive differences. Turns out a Fiat 500 microcar does not jump a curb as well as a Ford F250 pickup truck.

The Villain
The Villain

I shredded the sidewall of the tire.

To save space, the Fiat carries sealant instead of a spare. This would have worked with a normal puncture, at least enough for us to limp home.

No amount of sealant was gonna fix this.

The Victim
The Victim

Oh well. Triple A and the tire folks swarmed round. Eventually. All should be fixed as soon as new tire arrives at shop. Once the car is reshod around lunchtime today, I shall hie myself home and blather on about my latest equitation escapades.

Hint: my ribbons would have indicated wins in Canada and the Czech Republic. In the US, not so much. Wiki: Horse Show Awards

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