Idea Request Accompanied by Barrel-Scraping Noises

(My end-of-the-month, state-of-the-blog post comes early, for reasons that will become apparent. Previous commentary on blogging listed here.)

You know when you go to serve a horse’s meal and your scoop picks up half a load before hitting the bottom of the feed bag? You still have several days – or weeks of Rodney’s – worth of feed but the bag is getting low and it’s time to organize a trip to the feed store.

It’s like that.

I’m still yapping away. I can smell 1000 posts over the horizon in mid-October. That is an arbitrary but round & shiny number to pursue. OTOH, there have been several occasions lately where I says to myself, ‘What on earth will I write about?’

That’s where you come in.

Over at Wait But Why, the blogger has gone to five countries and reported back. It would be cool to have a new, ongoing project both to do and to write about. I’m not about to fly to Japan to scope out yabusame, but there’s no reason I can’t do participant/observation closer to home.

Saddle seat shows are still on the schedule, along with the attendant Reports & Tweets. Also weekly lessons. I’ve already made the obvious observations. I am pondering more elaborate theories about saddle seat vs dressage and about equitation, but I need more data to see if the theories are anything more than my fevered imaginings.

I have a few activities up my sleeve, one in August, one in October. Each will be good for a post or three.

Rodney continues to make daily progress without solidifying any long-term gains. A fascinating trick, if frustrating.

We are not mentioning horse shopping. Move along. Nothing to see here.

I could always use more cat pictures. Because my cats are cute and 10 squillion Internet cat pictures can’t be wrong.

More photos in general.

More … what?

I most definitely want to keep blogging every day. The island of inactivity is not a good place for me. I end up “exceeding my daily allotment of Cokes and making gratuitous Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie runs.” [Baaaak] I’m in the car. I want to go for a drive. I’m blanking on a destination.

Any ideas? No suggestion too outlandish, too expensive, or too cumbersome. The most outrageous idea might spark an slightly more doable option. Go wild. Leave a comment, or email Katherine (waves hi) at

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Idea Request Accompanied by Barrel-Scraping Noises

  1. Book reviews? There’s a blogger over somewhere who’s reading 32 books that are meant to change her life and writing about it. đŸ˜‰

    The blogger mentioned above has decided to refinish some furniture, and will blog a bit about that. The “idea” there is some new hobby or short term project that requires a reasonable learning curve that might interest readers. You could take up welding or pottery or clean your garage, and blog about it.

  2. What about the histories of various horse breeds, how they came to be used for specific purposes, how certain traits became desirable, the games/sports they are part of and how they are trained for these, which horse is a symbol of which country, ceremonies and rituals with horses that are still practiced today, and maybe items that feature horses, like a carousel, for instance, or a rocking horse, or a horse shoe and how those items came to be created. Or you could write about famous horses throughout history, where famous horses are buried in elaborate graves, and how their owners honored them. You could research horse rider attire and how it came to be designed the way it is today. Each clothing item could be a blog, complete with historical pictures. You could also research words in the OED that feature the word “horse” and relate their history, or make a list of horse magazines/journals/books for horse readers and create an encyclopedia, a reference work, for horse owners, full of not only the terms but reference works beneath each term for further study. Is there such a thing as a horse terms dictionary? I know you like your research. Maybe you could even sell such a book?

  3. The use of the horse in the fire service. Any famous horses talked about there? I truly don’t know and know very little other than that they were used and that dalmations really were about the horses… maybe some to explore there with both. Combining 2 of your interests.

    Animals related to horses – Zebras etc…

    The different toys they make for horse loving kids.. and adults…

    Horse rescue…

  4. From email:
    And, for suggestions, you could do weekly day-trips radiating out from your starting point. Alternately book reviews. There are lots of them out there, and do one a week.

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