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I have been traumatize by Christmas gifts in the past. I’m sure you know the ones. The gifts you get from a friend or relative or co-worker who means well but doesn’t know you well enough to have a clue.

The footed china cake stand decorated with frolicking cats because you like cats, and we all need single-purpose hunks of porcelain cluttering up our kitchen counters. The collection of a dozen, guest-quality, hand-towels embroidered with Welsh sayings because you once mentioned that you might someday want to go to Wales. (Specifics have been changed to protect well-intentioned givers.)

When I signed up for a blogger gift exchange run by the Printable Pony, I was nervous. I had visions of picture frames covered with glittery gold horse shoes because I like horses and we all need picture frames, right? I hemmed and hawed and hedged in my introduction message.

I should not have worried. I have already posted on the high quality of my haul [Don Me Now My Gay Apparel]. I have read what others bloggers received, The Printable Pony: Thank You 2019 Gift Exchange Participants! Not a dud in the bunch. Next year, no conditions. Although, I did like asking for the oversized shirt.

I should have trusted horse folks to be practical.

Post with the story behind my shirt, Equinpilot: Flying High.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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