The Replay, Virtual Trail Report, Tevis Sippy Cup, Milton, Miles 93 to 95, November 2020

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This looks familiar.

[An Alternate Explanation]

Back in March, Milton came up lame after a rainstorm. He presented as lame. We treated him as such. He got sound. Eventually, the remnants of an abscess blew out. [Behind Bars, Foot Diagnosis]

Guess what?

After a rainstorm, Milton came up lame. Again. He presented as lame. Again. We treated him as such. Again. [The Temporary Pull]

The symptoms got better and got worse. He went on stall rest to avoid further injury to tender tendons. He got sound. Again. Again. Again. [Milton’s Fugue Moments]

Eventually, to our complete surprise, the remnants of an abscess blew out.

You’d think we’d learn.


Lower Quarry, Mile 94. Image source & additional photos, The Tevis Cup: Lower Quarry.

Daily Log
We are doing our rides in 1/3 or 1/2-mile laps around our pasture. Link to standings, Doctor Whooves, Major Milton, All. Daily screenshots from VTevis results page.

Saturday, November 14, 2020. Milton. Today 1.03 miles. Total 93.73 miles. Test of concept. Short ride to see how his foot reacts.

Sunday, November 15, 2020. Milton. Today 2.08 miles. Total 95.81 miles. Attack of the zoomies in the morning. Alrighty then, we ride.

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