Mood On Monday, Public Restrooms


I have not gotten phobic about public restrooms, but I find myself using them less.

I’ll continue toward home when I might have stopped at a convenience store before.

If we take the truck somewhere for a bike ride, I don’t rehydrate until we are headed home.

The biggest change is that I no longer grab a soda on my way out the door. I arrange my caffeineation so that the cycle is complete before I leave.

I see no reason to end these habits if and when we reach the after times. I wonder what other new habits I & the rest of the world will retain.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Mood On Monday, Public Restrooms

  1. We are making the same small changes. Not phobic but more considered. We also make fewer stops for snacks and meals. I’ve always carried “backup” food but now, I plan more carefully. We often have a homemade snack or lunch rather than fast food.

    Not phobic but considered. Good way to put it.

    Thank you.

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