Mood On Monday, Public Restrooms


I have not gotten phobic about public restrooms, but I find myself using them less.

I’ll continue toward home when I might have stopped at a convenience store before.

If we take the truck somewhere for a bike ride, I don’t rehydrate until we are headed home.

The biggest change is that I no longer grab a soda on my way out the door. I arrange my caffeineation so that the cycle is complete before I leave.

I see no reason to end these habits if and when we reach the after times. I wonder what other new habits I & the rest of the world will retain.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. We are making the same small changes. Not phobic but more considered. We also make fewer stops for snacks and meals. I’ve always carried “backup” food but now, I plan more carefully. We often have a homemade snack or lunch rather than fast food.

    Not phobic but considered. Good way to put it.

    Thank you.

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