Motto For The Moment



It is too easy to dwell in the past.

It is too easy to dread the future.

It is too easy to pine for places I can’t go.

It is too easy to forget the good.

Process Notes. Another exercise in drawing to a grid. Was supposed to be diamondy and gemlike. Came out spiky and harsh. And isn’t that an apt metaphor for 2020. So, I rolled with it and used “ugly” colors. Question of the day, what makes a color ugly? Is there a social consensus or is it personal preference? Is it more about the color value than the particular hue?

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Motto For The Moment

  1. Ugly in a color is defined to some extent by popular consensus, but also to personal preference. Sometimes a color is related to something unpleasant in a person’s past, and the dislike persists to the color once the incident is over. It’s a sort of nebulous thing.

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