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Bertha Hidalgo, Ph.D., associate professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. UAB: Research Goes Red grant allows for new research in women’s cardiovascular health promotion

In the before times, Dr. Hidalgo wrote a fashion blog, Chic in Academia, making the case that women can be both career-oriented and fashion-oriented. [Birmingham Style]

Since the pandemic began, she has been posting weekly Covid education under the heading Science Says Sunday. Given the attitudes in our area, this has to feel like shouting into the wind.

She now has a grant to use her social media messaging,

I’ve partnered with the @american_heart Association and @weareverily to bring you information, activities, and opportunities to help you learn how to prevent cardiovascular disease in stroke, but also, how you can become more engaged in research studies all across the US!

Together with @oliviaadventures and @alex_krallman, and others, we will work to create content that takes you on a heart healthy journey the upcoming months. I can’t wait!!

… We have cooking demos, exercise challenges, info shares…so much!!

… so I’m able to combine the two passions I have: Science and my social media friends!!

Instagram: chic_in_academia


Note. Not a personal reference. We have not met, other than possibly attending the same local blogger events, back when I was doing those. Nor do we have contact online. This is strictly me being impressed with the effort that shows up in what she posts publicly.

One of the main goals of public health, I assume, is getting the word out. Dr. Hidalgo is exploring ways to take the message to where the people are. Be interesting to see if this is the beginning of social media as a more serious part of public discourse.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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