Milton’s Foot Diagnosis Develops


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Remember Milton’s lameness/abscess saga?
[Milton Behind Bars] March 31
[An Alternate Explanation] April 7
[Shoeing at a Social Distance] April 13
There’s more.

In addition to starting at the bottom of his foot and erupting out the top, looks like the abscess pushed through the length of this foot as well. You can see the remnant of the channel running along the rim on the inside of this foot, from his heel, X, to his toe, Y. Taken after his mani-pedi Friday, May 15.


From bottom of the heel …

… to top of the heel …

… and to toe.

Poor dude.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Milton’s Foot Diagnosis Develops

  1. He’s been over it for a while. Mostly we are finding out how extensive it was. Given that, he was more stoic than I would have given him credit for. Or the abscess avoided ouchy spots. Blacksmith says much depends on location.

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