Going Around and Around, On My Horse and In My Head

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Awareness of the outside world. How do I feel about a woman as VP? Well, I’m old enough to remember the symbolism of the Billie Jean King/Bobbie Riggs tennis match. So, I’d say, ‘Holy Shit!’ just about covers it. Billie Jean King: Battle of the Sexes.
On sunny days, I am content.

On cloudy days, contentment feels like giving up.

A while back, I talked about serenity versus frustration. On one hand, it was lovely to be sitting at the barn in the sunshine. On the other hand, my riding career lay in tatters around me. [Split Personality]

That’s that’s where I am with riding at the moment.

Rodney & I have continued the short, daily walks we started during our last few Virtual Tevis miles. We wander along. We see the sights. We smell the smells. It would be a great retirement for the old man, if we had anything to retire FROM. [The Beginning]

When I think of what I wanted for this horse, I sag. Not just the ribbons, although I certainly had my eye on those. I thought we would become a team. We’d have our ups and downs. We’d have lessons and trail rides and shows. Lots and lots of shows. He’d charge into the ring with enthusiasm. He’d get mad if I messed up. He’d enjoy leading victory gallops as much as I did. We were going to achieve so much. Together.

Should I have tried harder, better, different? Is it too late for a great horse and an amazing riding resume? Should I keep plugging away while hope tears me apart? Should I graciously accept that I’ve had my chance? It that wisdom or defeatism? I’ve had magical rides. Just not with my own horses very often. I appeared destined to give my heart to horses who don’t return the favor. These are the cloudy days.

Alternatively, as I’ve said elsewhere, quiet and peaceful rides are looking pretty good right now.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. You have no idea how wonderful the idea of a quiet and peaceful ride is to me. Between my spine and Chief’s death, riding is no longer even an option. And I miss him so much….

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