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Awareness of the outside world. “World Toilet Day is a United Nations Observance that celebrates toilets and raises awareness of the 4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation.” UN Water: World Toilet Day.

Team Peachtree has finished virtually walking and biking Route 66, all 2280 miles. Of those, I did 1064 miles. It’s not as impressive as it sounds. I was biking while everyone else was walking. I did 122 rides, for an average of 8.7 miles per ride. The team started April 11. I joined on May 5. We finished November 2. I rode daily in the summer, then dropped of to biking on weekends. What can I say, we were younger then and we had light. 50% of the team lives in Georgia, hence the peach mascot.

Route 66 is excellent for automotive history, early 19thC American history, and/or automotive kitsch. Turns out I have zero interest in any of that. I’ve seen as much of Route 66 as I care to see. I hope it continues. I hope it gets the Historic Trail designation. Long may it roll. Without me. Not a bad thing to learn for the price of a medal.

In addition to shiny, hefty medal, The Conqueror Virtual Challenges did an excellent job of keeping track of the team mileage. One could probably do a virtual walk/ride on one’s own. I am trying this as a long-term project along the Mississippi River [Great River Road]. Coordinating a virtual team is more cat herding than I care to do.

Is it necessary? No. It is fun? Yes. Some things makes sense emotionally rather than rationally.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
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